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Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership | Theory and Practice

Strategic leadership benefits your workplace by incorporating elements of effective communication, delegation, team-building and the practical use of power. This allows leaders to fully engage their workforce and get things done!

There is no one best leadership style. In today’s competitive business environment, the most successful leaders are those that possess the ability to adapt their style according to the situation.

Strategic Leadership: Theory and Practice helps participants first identify their own leadership styles and then match their styles to the needs of their employees. They will also be taught the specific leadership skills needed to work with and influence others more effectively.

The program incorporates brief theory presentations, class discussions, individual and group exercises and simulations that teach participants how to:

  • Describe the nature of effective leadership
  • Choose an an appropriate leadership style for a situation
  • Understand personal power in the workplace
  • Create more successful teams and engage employees
  • Delegate more successfully


ITM Group can deliver Strategic Leadership | Theory and Practice at your organization:

Starting at $195.00 / person

This includes printed participant materials and certificate of completion. Travel costs, if required, are additional. Contact us, using the button below, to learn more.

For Leadership Development as part of a more comprehensive management curriculum, check out our Leadership Development Corporate University.

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