Self Management | Six Principles for Success

The workplace is changing. Today, most successful businesses understand that people want to work with companies not necessarily for companies. The direction and control traditionally provided by hierarchy must now come from within the individual.

For your human resources to maximize their potential, and therefore their contribution to the organization, a high level of interpersonal awareness and the ability to work with and through others is essential. It is equally important for a company’s employees, managers, and teams to develop an atmosphere of trust and become self-managing.

Self Management: Six Principles for Success training includes a series of personal assessments, class discussions, exercises and simulations through which participants learn how to:

  • Understand different individual motivational types
  • Increase leadership skills
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Develop conflict management skills


ITM Group can deliver Self Management | Six Principles for Success training at your organization:

Starting at $295.00 / person (minimum of 15 attendees)

This includes printed participant materials and certificate of completion. Travel costs, if required, are additional. Contact us, using the button below, to learn more.

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