Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Corporate University

Organizations are looking for a way to effectively develop their current and future leaders. The purpose of this three-day leadership academy is to clearly define the role of leader within the organization and instruct leaders on effective management principles in a hands-on, team centered environment.

Day 1: Strategic Leadership

Current research has made it clear that there is no one “best” leadership style. Instead, the effective leader must possess a variety of different styles which he or she can modify as the situation changes. Strategic Leadership provides the specific skills needed to work with and influence others more effectively. During the session, participants learn how to describe the nature of effective leadership, understand themselves and others, create more successful teams and work groups and delegate more successfully.

Day 2: Coaching for Excellence

Although supervisors and managers play many roles, certainly the role of coach is one of the most important, both for the development of employees and for the success of the organization.  Effective coaches develop trust and mutual respect, communicate empathy for both personal and professional issues, lead by example and provide effective, performance based, feedback.

Coaching for Excellence provides a powerful, hands-on learning experience for both new and experienced managers and supervisors by training in the key communication skills needed for establishing and maintaining effective one-on-one coaching relationships. The program also provides participants with the opportunity to practice those key skills in several actual coaching conversations, ranging from coaching for successful performance through dealing with lack of improvement.

Day 3: Developing Individual and Group Effectiveness

Teams are an important fact of organizational life. Effective teams can dramatically improve productivity, increase employee involvement, improve morale and enhance creativity. Yet organizations don’t always provide teams with the training and support needed to insure success. Too often groups are empowered in name only, then given little or no support or training and thus fail to achieve their full potential.

In an attempt to reduce response time and increase customer support, many organizations have moved toward the establishment of smaller work groups that assume responsibility not only for their own work but for various functions such as planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating that are usually reserved for management. During this session, team members increase their ability to work together, align work assignments with personal preferences, and improve their problem-solving and conflict-management skills.


ITM Group can deliver the Leadership Academy training at your organization.

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