Developing Effectiveness

Developing Effectiveness in Individuals and Groups

Intended for individual contributors and group leaders, this training program focuses on the group communication and decision-making skills needed to accomplish work with and through other people.

While groups need to focus on their assigned tasks, they should also invest in improving their ability to work together effectively.

Developing Effectiveness in Individuals and Groups training will introduce attendees to concepts of behavior as it relates to group activity, teach them how to establish and use group rules, and familiarize them with a variety of leadership techniques.

Comprised of a series of brief knowledge presentations, class activities, group and individual exercises and simulations, this program will teach participants how to:

  • Refine interpersonal communication skills
  • Determine preferred decision-making styles
  • Identify effective group roles
  • Develop consensus decision-making skills


ITM Group can deliver Developing Effectiveness in Individuals and Groups training at your organization:

Starting at $265.00 / person (minimum of 15 attendees)

This includes printed participant materials and certificate of completion. Travel costs, if required, are additional. Contact us, using the button below, to learn more.

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