ITM Group Privacy Statement

ITM Group appreciates your interest and support. We want you to have a positive experience visiting our site and receiving information from us. But we all know every website needs a few guidelines, so here they are.

Your Information

ITM Group truly values our visitors and partners ‐ you guys are awesome! We will not sell email addresses, website URLs, Twitter handles, etc. Period. We also don’t automatically add you to our other lists without your permission. We hate it when companies create schemes to get our emails, so we’re not doing it to someone else.

Rest assured, the ITM Group database is secure and it’s a priority with us to keep it that way.

Contacting Us

We assume the reason you’re contacting us is to inquire about engaging our services or to stay in touch with us via our blog or company newsletter.  Thank you for reaching out and we will reply as soon as possible.

Questions about whether to sue your organization or comments about how to deal with your jerk of a boss, we will assume are spam and delete them accordingly.  If we receive a question that would be best served being answered via our blog, HR Bartender, then we’ll answer it over there. Again, we want people to have a pleasant experience and work with us, but we honestly believe there are other more appropriate ways to handle those kinds of issues.  And it’s not via our Contact Us form.


Please note these guidelines are subject to change. Any changes will be posted here for your review. Thanks again for visiting ITM Group! We look forward to working with you.

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